Why I love these two miracle olaplex products and what the hype is about

What is Olaplex and why is it so good?

If you’re into the hair world, you will have definitely heard of Olaplex, one of the largest independent hair care brands which launched in 2014 and a massive hit with the stars, you may have wondered what the hype is about and why it is so popular, I’m about to tell you. If you’ve got colour treated hair you will never ever look back, it is the brand my teenage self wished was created all those years ago when I literally had a full head of peroxide, back then I dreamed of something that would stop my bleached hair from breaking off and getting damaged and here it is now I’m in my twenties and trust me it is brilliant. If your hair suffers from splits and breakage, Olaplex is your new miracle working treatment which works by knitting the bonds of your hair back together, it is also suitable for all hair types, Olaplex repairs, protects and strengthens the bonds whilst making the hair healthier meaning you can go from brunette to blonde back to brunette and to blonde again or blonder if you want without any trouble, whenever I have my hair coloured, I always make sure I ask for Olaplex, it is honestly worth the extra £20, I don’t think my hair would be half the length it is without it. There are three things you need to know that are answers to possible questions you may have, Olaplex doesn’t just repair coloured hair but in fact all kinds of hair damage such as damage from straighteners, a perm or blow dryer, it also isn’t exclusively for salon use, it can be bought as a stand alone treatment for when your hair needs extra loving care, another thing to add is it is certainly not only reserved for bottle blondes, it can be used on dark hair too and is in fact ideal if you are a brunette that chemically lifts your hair as it allows dark hair to be lightened quicker and less harshly. The Olaplex range includes a truly amazing shampoo and conditioner, I sometimes mix them in with my regular ones (I would use them all the time but with having blonde highlighted hair, I have to use a purple one to prevent brassy tones), it also includes a bonding oil which I’m yet to try and a bond smoother which I’ve been impressed with, last but not least it includes the two amazing products I’m going to talk about today, the hair perfecter and the intensive bond building treatment, honestly the perfect duo to bring your hair back to life, now you know about Olaplex, let’s get into the products I’ve picked for this post, pictured above this text.

The two step system

Let’s start with no.0 intensive bond building treatment, the first step in this two part system, this product will prime the hair for a deeper repair and has the highest dose of patented Olaplex technology in any at home product, it not only rebuilds hair bonds but strengthens and protects the hair integrity, then next you use no.3 hair perfecter, the one everyone talks about and also the brand’s best seller, this product is not a conditioner, it is an at home treatment which will reduce breakage and visibly strengthen the hair, making it look and feel better, it also helps improve your hairs texture by repairing damage, and protecting the structure of the hair. These treatments are to be applied once a week at least or if you have very damaged hair, twice of three times a week, it is scientifically proven that when you use both these products together, hair is repaired 68% more and is 3 times stronger.

My verdict on the no.0 and no.3

I can say these treatments definitely do what they promise, my hair is a lot stronger, shinier, smoother, healthier and less damaged. I always recommend Olaplex to anyone who feels their hair isn’t in the best condition or that uses heat and colour on it and this two part system is a total miracle worker for your hair.

All products can be purchased from the Olaplex website