Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat blur primer review

After you’ve done your skincare routine but before you apply your make up, what is one important thing you need? That would be a primer, for those of you who are new to the make up world and still learning, a primer helps make up stay put and prepares your skin for application, it also makes the appearance of your make up look better. I’ve experienced quite a few good primers in my time and thought it was worth buying a new one so I could try something different.

When you hear the name Yves Saint Laurent, you should know you are in for a treat, YSL has been a favourite brand of mine for a while now, I’m a fan of their foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows and setting spray so I thought why not try the touché eclat blur primer, a product I’d been interested in for quite a while since it launched back in 2015.

Let’s start with the packaging, it comes in a classic YSL shiny, gold box then when you take it out of the box, I couldn’t help but stare at how stunning it looked in the bottle, the bottle top is also gold and shiny like the box it comes in then the bottle is transparent meaning you can see the product itself which is really sparkly and pretty, when I squirt the primer onto my hand, it’s not quite as glittery as it looks in the bottle but still a bit glittery, it has a gel like formula, not silicone or lotion like, just like a transparent gel with glitter particles, the texture of it is soft and dewy, did i forget to mention it smells beautiful too.

This primer sits on the skin perfectly and your foundation will glide on so smoothly, it lives up to its name of “blur primer” as it does blur imperfections such as pores, blemishes and redness whilst smoothing out the texture of your skin, who needs Snapchat filters when you can buy the YSL blur primer. It is suitable for all skin types, I have dry, sensitive skin and I haven’t had any problems, neither has it caused me any irritation, it doesn’t dry my skin out either. I did mention that it has glitter particles but just so you know the glitter is not visible once the primer is on your face so don’t worry you won’t end up looking like a disco ball.

I can say I am definitely impressed with this product and would re purchase it, if you are looking to invest in a new primer or are a lover of high end beauty products, I’d definitely say this is one for you to try.