3 hot lip combos you should have in your make up collection

Some say “happiness is new lipstick”, totally agree. If you’re a beauty junkie like me chances are you love to buy more and more lipstick, some say it’s the most important part of the outfit or if you’re just starting to learn about make up you might be quite curious about lipsticks and lip liners, it’s all about finding the perfect liner to pair your chosen lipstick with to get that definition because you want your pout to stand out, there are so many lip combos I know and love but I’d be here all night naming them, there are literally too many to choose from so put it this way, if I was stranded on a desert island and could only take three lipsticks with me, I’d take a perfect nude, a pretty pink and a bright red and I’ve selected one each of these to feature in my post, also three of my favourites.

Dior rogue Dior couture colour lipstick in 999 and Dior contour couture colour lip liner in 999

Can’t beat a Dior lipstick, they glide on so well, if you like a bright, bold red this one you’ll love, it is really well pigmented, extremely hydrating and it literally lasts all day, it is pretty much a stain, it just doesn’t move, the texture is really soft without a powdery or creamy feel like most lipsticks. I reckon 999 is the perfect red, it’s not too orange and not too blue, it is available either in a matte or satin finish so take your pick. The liner is a great match as it is the exact same colour and really well pigmented, it really gives that perfect definition, it glides on effortlessly and lasts all day without moving, it also comes with a brush to blend out the lines.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in nude Kate and Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in iconic nude

Nude Kate is one of my favourite nudes and certainly one of the prettiest, if I was asked what’s my most admired lipstick, I’d say this one, I’ve probably had the most compliments on my lipstick when wearing this, it is just that perfect nude, you know like actually neutral, not overly pink or brown, it is subtle in colour but makes a statement because the finish is so pretty, it is also long lasting and has a creamy formula and is really moisturising, if you prefer a glossy finish, this ones for you. The iconic nude liner is great for defining your pout and glides on well it is a beige colour and it goes well with the lipstick because it is a similar shade except it is slightly darker.

Laura Mercier rogue essential silky creme lipstick in A la rose and Laura Mercier longwear lip liner in Parisian rose

Laura Mercier is a brand best known for their extremely popular powders, foundations and skincare but their range of lipsticks and lip liners is amazing, so many nice colours to choose from, the rogue essential silky creme lipstick collection is so moisturising and high impact colour with a satin finish, they are also long lasting without feathering or fading, A la rose is a gorgeous light dirty pink shade, perfect for Summer. The long wear lip liners glide on so easily and are so richly textured, long lasting and define the lips perfectly, the shade Parisian rose is the perfect match to the A la rose lipstick giving you that stand out pout effect.