6 tips for growing long strong hair

So I had my hair cut into a lob (long bob) last year, I then decided after a few months, I wanted it long again as I couldn’t really do much with it and I’m pleased to say it’s growing and I can get it into a ponytail without it looking awkward, I can’t wait until it reaches just above my elbows, I’m also pleased to say it is in good condition and no longer damaged, here are a few tips to help your hair grow faster and healthier.

1. Don’t wash it every day

I know some of you have got a routine of religiously washing your hair every day but it’s actually not best if you’re trying to grow your hair as it causes the hair to dry out and lose most of its natural essential oils so instead maybe cut down to every 3 days and watch it grow faster

2. Use minimal heat

An obvious one but avoid heat as much as you can, less heat = less damage, I’ve been trying to avoid straightening my hair as much as possible and just sticking it in a ponytail, since doing this I’ve noticed some broken bits I had at the front from the straighteners are less damaged

3. Use good products

It’s important to use good products and not cheap ones that coat your hair in silicone, a few brands I’d recommend are Aveda, bumble and bumble and Sassoon

4. Get regular trims

If you let your hair get too long without cutting it, you can end up with split ends, if you visit the salon every 3 months, your hair will grow faster and thicker

5. Give yourself a hot oil massage

Pick an oil of your choice, Argan, jojoba, castor, coconut etc and gently massage your hair, not only does it improve blood circulation in the scalp, it also nourishes and revitalises the scalp while also fortifying the hair follicles and creating strong and lengthy locks

6. Condition regularly

While most women wash their hair with shampoo, they fail to see the importance of a good conditioner. It will not only help the condition of your hair but will seal the cuticle to help it grow longer, you might also want to try some deep conditioning treatments, they help hydrate hair strands and repair damaged hair by eliminating frizz and dullness