My take on Clinique’s moisture surge range

Whether you are curious about the hype on Clinique’s moisture surge products or are a dry skin sufferer like myself, stay on this page, I was invited to come and visit one of my local Clinique counters to try some of their new additions to the moisture surge collection and sent home with some samples so I can give you my verdict on these hydrating products. Since debuting in 1967, Clinique was one of the first skincare brands to offer customised products as well as products that were free from fragrance, parabens and anything that may irritate the skin, the moisture surge range was created to hydrate, nourish, brighten and revitalise dry and thirsty skin. Today I am reviewing the eye 96 hour hydro filler concentrate, the hydrating lotion and the hydrating supercharged concentrate which are all new products and the 72 hour auto replenishing hydrator which is a classic product that has recently been updated

Eye 96 hour hydro filler concentrate

This is a cushiony water based eye gel that helps the eye area skin to replenish its own moisture for a full 96 hours, not only is it extremely hydrating, it tightens, brightens and plumps the skin, it is also extremely gentle so I would definitely recommend if you’re sensitive like me, I’ve also found since using it, my dark circles have slightly vanished, the skin also feels firmer, i love the silky gel texture, it is also pretty light so perfect if you’re not looking for a heavy eye cream.

Hydrating lotion

This is a light and refreshing water based lotion that hydrates, soothes and replenishes skin after cleansing and helps prep for any serums and creams you may use, it is to be used twice a day. While a lot of toners can dry out your skin, this one didn’t, infact my skin felt more moist after using it, it is also very gentle and gives a nice glow

Hydrating supercharged concentrate

This is a water to gel based moisturiser that plumpens and smoothens the skin, it is more than a moisturiser, it can be used in several ways, it can be applied after your serum but before your moisturiser to lock the moisturiser in or it can be applied as the final step of your skincare routine but before SPF to seal everything in, it can also be applied in the eye area to boost the hydration levels of your eye cream or you can use it to act as a bond between skin and make up to keep a more dewy look during application. I think this product is great for giving your skin that extra hydration boost, it is so moisturising and I liked that it doesn’t give any sticky residue

72 hour auto replenishing hydrator

This is a gel to cream based moisturiser activated with aloe water which helps the skin to create its own internal water source. You may have liked the famous extended thirst relief, well this is the same thing but upgraded, the auto replenishing hydrator gives your skin the power to rehydrate itself and instead of keeping your skin moisturised for 24 hours like it did before, it keeps the moisture locked in for an impressive 72 hours, I can say after using this, my skin feels amazing and so soft, it also makes my skin look really dewy, the texture is very light but still a little bit goes a long way