7 tips for glowing skin in winter

This time of year is not a fun time for skin, leaving your comfy bed and going out into the bitter cold can be a recipe for disaster if you haven’t looked after your skin properly, dry air with low humidity can cause your skin to become dry, itchy, red and flaky but there are a few ways you can help your skin to beat that winter dryness by doing these simple steps

1. Moisturise morning and night

A good moisturiser is essential especially in winter, choose the right one for your skin type and make sure you apply it in the morning before you do your make up and at night before you go to bed, if you suffer from extremely dry skin or need additional moisture, use a serum before your moisturiser

2. Stick to liquid and cream foundations

Nothing worse than when your foundation highlights your flaky bits of skin, ditch the powder foundation and stick to creams and liquids, look for foundations that are made for dry, thirsty skin, in contrast a matte formula will settle into flakes and dry skin and give you a patchy and uneven finish

3. Switch up on your face primer

Instead of a matte primer, get a luminous and hydrating one, it will give your skin that glowing from within effect, also the primer adds another level of hydration

4. Purchase a humidifier

The heat that keeps you warm at home is also very dry and because windows are closed, it stays trapped inside, go to sleep with a humidifier in your room to add moisture back into the air, humidifiers don’t just fix dry skin, they fix breathing problems and colds too

5. Shorten the showers and avoid hot baths

It can be tempting to take a long shower or hot bath after being out in the freezing cold but it’s not the best idea if you have dry skin, the longer and hotter the exposure to water, the more natural moisture your skin will loose

6. Swap the face wipes for a hydrating cleanser

A gentle, moisturising cleanser will keep your complexion looking fresh and healthy while face wipes and products with harsh ingredients can strip the skin of its natural oils so I’d advise you to invest in a miceller water or creamy cleanser

7. Sunscreen isn’t just for summer

Most people think of sunscreen as “summer only” but it can actually protect your skin from damage all year round, did you know that snow nearly doubles your expose to UV rays? so be sure to protect your skin properly especially during any winter activities such as skiing or hiking