Your guide to colour correcting concealers

Hi sorry I’ve neglected my blog for a while and haven’t posted, anyway back to beauty, I thought I’d talk you through the world of colour correcting concealers, many people don’t know which colour to go for to suit their needs and end up buying the incorrect one so below you can learn what the different colours can do for you


As green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel, using it on any troublesome areas will help neutralise any redness, spots or sunburn, you have to use a green concealer sparingly though, don’t cake it on and only apply to the areas that need it most, green concealers range from light mint to darker green, the green that is right for you will depend on your skin shade and tone


As purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel, it will be great for cancelling out any unwanted yellow tones, it’s also good for brightening a dull complexion, purple concealers range from lilac to mauve, like green, the paler shades tend to be a better match for fair skin and the richer purples tend to suit darker skin


Feeling exhausted all the time and don’t want it to show? Yellow concealer is just what you need as it brightens your complexion and adds warmth to the skin and helps achieve a natural healthy glow, it’s also great for hiding blue bruises or dark circles, unlike other colour correcting concealers, with yellow you don’t necessarily need to go for a lighter shade because you have fair skin or a darker shade because you have dark skin


Pink is ideal for hiding dark circles if you have fair skin and masking signs of fatigue, also as pink is the opposite if green on the colour wheel, it makes perfect sense to use these tones on any green looking blemishes however if your dark shadows appear blue or purple in colour, it might be best to stay away from pink and opt for yellow instead, not all pink concealers are bright barbie pink though, a lot of them are peach and salmon


Orange is ideal for hiding dark circles if you have olive or dark skin, it’s also good if you want to add warm hues to skin with naturally cooler tones but again don’t panic about wearing an orange concealer though, like I said there are peaches and salmons which kind of sit between orange and pink

Where can I buy a colour corrector?

The urban decay naked skin colour correcting fluids come in one of every colour, the Lancôme CC cushions come in green, purple or yellow, bobbi brown correctors come in a selection of peaches, pinks and oranges