How to make your own glow mist using a smashed highlighter

Glow mists are becoming a thing, perfect for summer, leaving your skin gorgeous and glowing but if you don’t want to splurge you can make your own at home, this is how I made mine

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

My becca champagne pop highlighter recently smashed when I dropped it on a night out and I’ve been using up the smashed up pieces for the time being but it’s my birthday this week and I’m getting a new highlighter so thought I’d put my smashed one to use, if your highlighter hasn’t smashed, you can do it with a shimmer pigment. You will need a clear face mist, I used Mac fix + original however you can use any whether it be a setting spray, finishing spray or hydrating mist, I removed the top of the fix + then used a teaspoon to pour the smashed pieces of highlighter into the bottle then put the top back on and gave it a good shake and now I have my glow mist