7 life changing beauty hacks nobody told you about

Thought you might appreciate it if I shared some easy tricks with you that I’ve found work for me, thank me later

1. Rinse your nails in cold water so they dry quicker

Waiting for your nails to dry really cuts into your getting ready time, to save you 10 minutes, just rinse each nail under the cold tap, not when they’re wet though, when they’re tacky and they’ll dry quicker

2. When your mascara starts to dry out, save it with eye drops

Mascara dried out earlier than expected? All you need to do is pour 10 drops of eye drops into your tube and it’ll be good as new, that doesn’t mean you can keep old mascara though, once it’s reached it’s 3 month birthday, bin it

3. Get rid of flyaways (wispy bits of hair) by spraying some hairspray on a toothbrush

I get loads of wispy bits and I hate it, I’ve tried all sorts of gels, oils and serums and nothing would do the job until I discovered this trick, get a cheap toothbrush and spray some hairspray onto it and brush it directly on the wispy bits

4. Fix a broken nail with a tea bag

All women with beautiful manicures know breaking a nail is our worst nightmare, break a nail and that decides my mood for the day, just get a teabag and cut it to the width and length of the break, apply a clear coat which will act as your glue and while wet, place teabag over the break then press down with tweezers to make sure there are no air bubbles, apply another coat of clear polish and buff nail with a file

5. Found a grey hair? Root touch up products do exist

Whether you have a patch of grey hair or just one strand or just haven’t had chance to get your roots touched up, miracle touch up sprays, powders, liquids and crayons were created to blend into your hair to disguise those roots coming through, think of it as lipstick but for your hair, two of the most popular are bumble and bumble colour sticks and colour wow root cover up powder

6. Bought a foundation shade too dark? You can lighten it with moisturiser

Just simply mix the moisturiser and the foundation together and it should make the foundation look more natural

7. Use a post it note to achieve that perfect eyeliner wing

We all have days where we make a mistake with the winged eyeliner and end up having to conceal over it but if you hold a post it note up diagonally against the corner of your eye, you can achieve that neat line