12 common make up mistakes you might be making

As high school girls in the noughties, we all made make up mistakes, think back to foundation lines, spider lashes and racoon eyes but even today there are still mistakes people make that they don’t realise they’re making, here are 12 things NOT to do

1. Putting bronzer all over your entire face

The idea of a bronzer is to use it exactly where the sun would naturally hit you so make sure you apply it only on your cheekbones, top of forehead and jawline, if you’re doing it right you’ll realise you are actually drawing the number 3 on both sides of your face

2. Not cleaning your brushes

I know this is a job we all dread but you must clean your brushes regularly, firstly with old make up caked on your brushes, you won’t be able to apply colour precisely and achieve the look you’re going for whether it be a dramatic eyeshadow or subtle contour and secondly dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria which is not just bad for your face, it’s also bad for your products

3. Applying make up to dry skin without moisturising

You may have seen my previous post on the importance of primers but a primer won’t do the job on its own, you NEED to moisturise first as applying make up on dry skin can make the skin look dull, old, cracked and tired, everything good is built on a solid foundation and in this case, a properly moisturised face so make sure your face is properly hydrated before applying make up

4. Choosing the wrong shade concealer

Concealer works wonders when you have the right shade for your skin tone, a simple rule to go by when picking an under eye concealer is to pick one two shades lighter than your skin tone to give you the illusion of a bright under eye and cover those dark circles but blemish concealer is different, you want one the same shade as your skin tone and with a matte finish to ensure you’re actually covering the imperfections not accidentally highlighting them

5. Playing up both the eyes and lips

The rule is eyes or lips, either let your eyes dazzle or glam up your lips so if you’re going for a dramatic eye, you want that nude lip but if it’s your lips that are stealing the limelight with a bold red, you need something neutral on the eyes or else you’re in for a recipe for disaster

6. Keeping old make up

I know you may love that old eyeshadow you found in your drawer that you’ve had 5 years and never used but you need to throw it out, make up expires anywhere from a few months to 2 years, just like cleaning your make up brushes, throwing out out of date make up is another thing your face will thank you for

7. Applying mascara wrong

Instead of stepping upward, you’re supposed to wiggle your wand from side to side at the base of your lashes, this way you don’t have any clumps and your lashes look thicker and longer

8. Using the wrong primer for your foundation

Foundations and primers are commonly either silicone or water based, since water and silicone do not mix well, the combination of the two can cause problems with both foundation application and wear so if you want that flawless finish, make sure the formulation of your primer matches the formulation of your foundation

9. Applying your concealer and foundation before your eyeshadow

You finish a gorgeous eyeshadow look then notice dark streaks staining your under eyes and cheeks then all the hard work you went to to remove dark circles has gone to waste, that’s why I always do eyeshadow first before anything else

10. Wrong colour blusher

Blusher needs to mimic the actual colour your cheeks turn when you’re flushed, if you have fair skin, cool pinks and peaches work best, for medium skin, corals and rich pinks are good and for dark skin, choose reds and deep corals, blusher is meant to be a short compliment to the rest of your make up, ideally it enhances everything and lets your eyes or lips do the talking

11. Over plucking your brows

Over plucking your brows until they are just a thin little line of hairs prevents your brows from framing your face properly and makes it increasingly difficult when using brow definers like pencils, powders or pomades, letting your brows grow out is the first step to fixing them, I know it may look awkward at first but soon you will have lovely full brows and can determine which direction you want to go with them

12. Leaving harsh lines between eyeshadow colours

Blending different colours creates a gorgeous finish but if there is a harsh line between each colour, it won’t look quite so fleeky, blend blend blend