Your guide to BB cream

Spring is here and summer is coming which means say goodbye to foundation and say hello to BB cream but first you may want me to answer a few questions

photo: Sephora’s BB cream collection

What exactly is a BB cream?

BB cream (short for beauty balm) is like foundation but lighter so like tinted moisturiser but slightly more coverage

Why should I use a BB cream instead of tinted moisturiser?

While tinted moisturisers keep the skin hydrated and sometimes contain SPF like BB creams also do, BB creams offer other benefits such as they even out the skin tone, conceal blemishes and make the skin appear brighter, they also contain anti ageing ingredients and have a built in primer, also most of them have a high dosage of SPF

Does this mean I won’t need to use certain other products?

No it does not!, before you start throwing away, a BB cream is not an alternative to your moisturiser, primer, anti ageing cream or sunscreen, while it can offer some of the benefits of these products, it won’t have the same effect as the product itself, think of it as an addition to your make up collection with skincare benefits

But which BB cream is best for my skin type?

Oily/acne prone skin

Estée Lauder day wear anti oxidant beauty benefit cream SPF 35

Clinique anti blemish solutions SPF 40

Dr jart black label detox SPF 25

Dry skin

Dior hydra life SPF 30

Lancôme hydra zen SPF 15

Dr jart water fuse SPF 25

Combination skin

Bare minerals complexion rescue SPF 30

Mac prep + prime beauty balm SPF 35

Bobbi Brown brightening BB cream SPF 35

Mature skin

Clinique age defense SPF 30

Clarins BB skin perfecting cream SPF 25

Ren satin perfection SPF 15