Benefit bad gal bang mascara: is it worth the hype?

If you haven’t heard about benefit’s new mascara, bad gal bang, you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a product almost every make up addict wants to get their hands on but does it live up to its name?, I received a travel size bad gal bang in last month’s Birchbox and here’s my take on it

What’s the formula?

It is blacker than black, smudge proof and water resistant, also contains provitamin B5 to help the strength and health of lashes

What effect did it give?

After one stroke, my lashes definitely looked longer and lifted, after building it up, it gave more volume and my lashes looked thicker

Does it really last 36 hours?

Well I don’t know because I’ve not had it on for as long as 36 hours but it certainly lasted me long enough, a full day

What’s the brush like?

It’s tapered and cone shaped which makes it easy to coat every lash from the root to the end and it also gets those hard to reach corners, because it has a thin end, I can use it on bottom lashes, I normally use 2 mascaras, one for top and one for bottom but with this I can do it all in one

What other mascaras have you tried that you can see being a competitor to this one?

Charlotte tilbury legendary lash or two faced better than sex

Is this the best mascara you’ve tried?

It is a pretty good mascara and I’d definitely recommend it but I wouldn’t say it’s the number one best