Why you need these zoeva brushes in your life

I’ve wanted to try zoeva brushes for quite a while since make up artists swear by them and everyone raves about how amazing they are so when I noticed a few of my brushes needed replacing, I decided to order some zoeva ones and can say yes they are amazing, I mean I can’t say whether their full collection is amazing because I haven’t tried all of their brushes, I only have 3 so far and here is why the 3 zoeva brushes I’ve purchased are amazing

312 detail liner brush

A question I get asked a lot is how do you get your winged eyeliner so perfect?, what you need is a gel or cream eyeliner in a pot like the one i mentioned in my last post (March favourites)and a thin, angled brush like this one, I found with my previous liner brush which was like this but slightly bigger, I would make the odd mistake and end up having to conceal over the wing to make it look as it should but because this one is smaller, it is great for detail and easier to nail that wing and get it to the size and length you want without having to conceal over it

142 concealer and buffer brush

Want to hide those dark circles? This brush is the one, best concealer brush I’ve used, it’s very soft and buffs the concealer into the skin really well and also great for blending it out, it works very well with the YSL all hours concealer (which I highly recommend) and leaves a flawless finish

228 luxe crease brush (rose golden)

made a great choice with this eyeshadow brush, its nice and fluffy and blends the shadow to perfection, it’s easy to use and picks up a decent amount of product, it’s tapered end is great for defining the crease and contouring the eye, although this brush is big and fluffy, I would recommend using a separate domed brush for blending the shadow all over

The other great thing about zoeva brushes

Although they are professional, high quality brushes, they are affordably priced, I believe with make up, skincare and make up brushes, you get what you pay for but with these brushes you actually get more than what you pay for, they’re just as good as my Mac or smashbox brushes, single brushes range from £7.50 to 21.50 which is much cheaper than other professional, high quality brushes (apart from real techniques and morphe which are similarly priced and also pretty awesome) but if you’re looking to replace any brushes I definitely recommend giving zoeva a try