The importance of using a make up primer

When I think back to like 2012, it makes me shudder to think I used to do my make up without using a primer first, I mean you just can’t skip the primer, you just can’t!

Why’s it important to use a primer though?

After your skincare routine, before you apply your foundation, primer should be your next step, not only will it prep your skin for application, it will help your make up stay put all day, sick of having to head to the toilets every lunch break to do touch ups? That’s why you need a primer, primers aren’t just for your face either, in this post you can learn about 3 other types of primers and find the best face primer for your skin type

Eyeshadow primer – not only do eyeshadow primers stop your shadow from creasing, they can also intensify eyeshadow pigment and hold the shadow in place all day

Mac prep + prime 24 hour extend eye base

Lip primer – no more dry, cracked lips or smudging lipstick, you may also find your lipstick goes on smoother

Mac prep + prime lip

Lash primer – also known as a lash maximiser or lash enhancer, they condition the lashes and allow the mascara to add more length and volume to the lash, think of it like foundation for your lashes, if you want power lashes, you need one of these in your beauty organiser

Lancôme cils booster XL

Face primer – face primers help your make up last longer and go on smoothly, they can also even out your skin tone, diminish the appearance of pores, keep the skin hydrated or brighten the skin but it’s important to find one suited to your skin type

For sensitive skin – you want something soothing and gentle with natural ingredients like the Dermalogica redness relief primer

For dry skin – you want something extremely hydrating like the Illamasqua hydra veil

For oily skin – you want something mattifying and oil controlling like the becca ever matte poreless priming perfector

For acne prone skin – you want something that will fight breakouts like the bare minerals blemish remedy prep gel

For mature skin – you want something anti ageing like the Charlotte tilbury brightening youth glow

For dull skin – you want something illuminating like the Nars radiance primer

For combination skin – you want something that controls oil but also hydrates like Mac prep + prime natural radiance

Top tip: after you’ve completed your make up, spray your face with some Mac fix + for extra hold

Suitable for all skin types