Liquid, powder or cream highlighter, which to go for?

We know you all want that glow but do you want a high impact shine or just a subtle sheen? And what kind of product do you need? Learn the difference between liquid, powder and cream highlighters and what they can do to help you achieve the glow you want


Powder highlighters are the most potent formula, they have a strong concentration of shimmer and it is easy to over do it but if you want that real pop that everyone’s going to notice when you enter the room, powder is the best option for you, if you have dry skin, don’t think you can’t use a powder highlighter because you can!, I’m very dry and I use a powder most days and mine stays on all day, just make sure you’re using a hydrating primer and the right foundation, apply with a fan brush

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If you want to look healthy and radiant with a dewy finish but more natural, go for liquid as it is a less concentrated formula, you can also mix it into your foundation for a gorgeous all over glow but if you want a more concentrated look, small dabs along the high points of the face are best, apply with an eyeshadow blending brush, I understand if you have oily skin, liquid formulas can be problematic but just make sure you use a mattifying primer and you should be alright

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If you like to keep it subtle, cream is your best bet as it tends more towards the matte side and is designed for a more discreet look, it’s also great if you have oily skin and want to avoid any kind of shine, they are also easy to apply as they tend to come on a stick, just make sure you blend out with that stippling brush!

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