Anyone with sensitive, dry skin, you must try these Dermalogica products!

I have very dry and sensitive skin and haven’t really had much luck with finding the right skincare for me and find my skin reacts to a lot of products but it was only a few weeks ago I was recommended to try Dermalogica and I can say I am very impressed with their products and definitely recommend the brand to anyone with sensitive skin

Intensive eye repair

since using the intensive eye repair as my eye cream, I have noticed a big difference, within 2 days of using this product the redness round my eyes had gone and the skin round my eyes was so much less dry, I’m also noticing I’m not having to use quite as much concealer as my dark circles and creases are disappearing, the formula is very rich and it contains vitamin C and E and grape seed extract to protect the delicate eye area from further environmental damage

Calm water gel

this product is a weightless, water gel moisturiser that is amazing for dry and reactive skin, I’ve found that since using this my face is so much less dry and my skin is much softer and it is also very soothing on your skin as it contains lavender, like I said I’m lucky if I find a moisturiser that doesn’t burn my face or make it go dry and this is like my 20th time lucky!

Ultracalming mist

This spray on toner is ideal if you have super sensitive skin as it has been specially formulated to reduce redness and inflammation and it contains oat and botanical actives which work below the surface to interrupt inflammatory triggers, apply it after cleansing to lock in hydration, it is also useful to apply throughout the day to stop the skin from drying out, I find sometimes my skin looks really dry at the end of the day but since spraying this 2 or 3 times throughout the day this is no longer happening and by the time I finish work my skin looks fine

Products can be bought online at

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